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TIMBERBORN – BETTER Early Access Trailer

https://youtu.be/D_xteAD2O5A CLIENTMechanistry DIRECTORLars T. Moen CGILumberfly MOTION GRAPHICSLee Hudson SOUND DESIGNTormod RingnesStig Holte VOICE RECORDINGRob King NARRATORElle Newlands RELEASEDSeptember 2023 AWARDSMUSE Awards: Trailers…

CONAN EXILES – Live-Action Trailers

https://youtu.be/4hn2jTpJwDg https://youtu.be/irBw9bukAVk https://youtu.be/4QfxChtnyOI CLIENTFuncom DIRECTORLars T. Moen PRODUCERTommy Wike DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Håvar Karlsen RELEASEDMay 2018 An internal project at Funcom, created as…

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