NARCO WARS – Announcement Trailer

Lars T. Moen
Stone Tape Studios

Buy low. Sell high. Don’t get caught.

Narco Wars is a turn-based economy game where players step into the role of a 1990s drug dealer with the ambition to dominate the New York drug trade and build a massive fortune in just one month.

Ragdoll provided post-production and music licensing services, and consulted the developers at Stochastik on doing their own gameplay captures.

Working with Ragdoll was transformative for our project. They captured the essence of our turn-based GUI game, leveraging Unreal Engine’s capabilities to craft a captivating trailer that resonated with our audience. Their expertise goes beyond just video editing; they understand games, storytelling, and most importantly, the player’s perspective. Highly recommended for any developer looking to make a lasting impression!


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