TIMBERBORN – BETTER Early Access Trailer

Humanity is gone, and the land is dry. Timberborn is a survival city-builder where beavers have evolved into sophisticated engineers, harnessing the flow of water in order to bring life back to Earth.

For Timberborn’s 2nd Anniversary, we worked closely with Mechanistry to develop ideas and scripts leading to a fun and feature-packed gameplay trailer with high production value.

In order to highlight the ingenious beaver gameplay with a touch of personality and warmth, we worked towards a core concept of providing context and humour through a few short CGI sequences.

High quality motion graphics was a key element in the client brief. For the feature highlights, we opted for an “in-world” approach in order to create organic messaging that is both visually clear, while not distracting from the many gameplay elements on display throughout the trailer.

The trailer premiered exclusively on IGN.

In addition to the trailer itself, we processed Timberborn’s static key art and created a looping 2.5D motion graphic asset for video and online marketing.

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